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    Nintendo 3DS set to launch on March 25th

    Nintendo are busy getting ready to launch there new ds, Thats right its the Nintendo 3DS, Its launch date has been chosen for Europe which is March 25th, Two days before the US. The price is set at €249.99 There is also talk about upcoming games aswell, Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, Pro Evolution Soccer […]

    Nokia E7 To ship in February

    So remember that January shipping date that the E7 was supposed to make, Well the lovely Nokia E7 is now up on Nokia’s own home website in Finland for €599.00 with a shipping date of February. Which isn’t far off. Lets hope this phone isn’t another n97 but an n900 with still, Although seeing as its […]

    Windows 7 service pack 1 RTM leaked

    So, That service pack 1 that windows 7 users(Like me) Have been waiting for… Well it was just leaked on the net!! As it was expected, It has a build number of 7601.17514.win7sp1_rtm.101119-1850, Which suggest it was compiled on the 19th of November. There is nothing big with this service pack As with all first […]