Magnet launch new web tv service for Ireland

Some great news for well, Everyone in Ireland, Magnet have just launched a new Web Tv service called Magnetwebtv Go figure. Its pretty straight up giving anyone in Ireland, Or with an Irish IP i should say, Access to 5 TV channels online, Allowing you to view them live on your computer/laptop/mobile phone whatever you […]

UPC Ireland launch 100mb service

UPC Ireland have just launched there new 100mb broadband service in Ireland, While its currently only availible in certain areas, Rest assured they are working on brining more and more places online for the new service. The new FiberPower 100Mbps is €80 per month and will also net you a 7Mbps upload speed….Which is very […]

Swap Rebel watch phone

Okay, So here is yet another phone type watch!! Whats the difference with this one! Well not much really, But it sure does look nice. The UK based manufacturer sWaP has just released this new Rebel GSM watch, Its pretty basic when it comes to specs, Its got 2GB micro SD card(expandable to 8GB), Also […]