Review: GKChain GateKeeper

Today we’re taking a look at the Gatekeeper – which is a wireless dongle like device that attaches to your keyring, or sits in your pocket or around your neck and allows you to automatically lock/unlock your computer as you move away from it. The aim is to offer a simple, convenient way of keeping your device secure and without the need of entering your password every time. […]

Review: Call of Duty Black Ops 3

Another year another Call Of Duty, the annual release of the popular FPS has brought a lot of enjoyment throughout the years, and even more recently the game shifted to a three year cycle with three different developers taken helm on their own series of games. These year we see the release of Black Ops 3, […]

Review: AMD Fury X

It’s been over two years since AMD brought a new line up of graphics cards. We have heard whispers for the past few months that Fiji chip was set for AMD to offer their next level of cards along with the new and exciting HBM memory. The new line up is finally here and we have […]