CarrierIQ, What is it all about?

There has been alot of information about carrieriq popping up on the internet in the last few days. This is all thanks to the research done by Trevor Eckhart. He was alarmed by the amount of information that this simple analytic company was able to get there hands on from your mobile. A few days ago […]

Onlive gaming now available in the UK

Onlive cloud gaming have just released there services to those that reside in the UK(Hopefully Ireland aswell soon). Onlive is pretty much a way to game without expensive hardware giving you the ability to get great graphics with low level computers. They also have subscription charges so you can play alot of games without forking out the money […]

Google acquiring Motorola Mobility

Google are going on yet another spending spree, This time they are buying Motorola Mobility. The idea behind this so they make Motorola phones an Android only platform, Which in turns make Android even bigger. The reported cost for this purchase is a whopping $12.5 Billion. There has been a lot of feedback from other […]