Nokia E7 to start shipping December 10th

So it seems the new Nokia E7 is going to be shipping on or just after December 10th, Most of the time a new Nokia phone is readily available in Europe straight on launch, Considering Nokia is in Finland, This should be no different. The new Nokia E7(Business class) Is the newest Symbian 3^ device from Nokia, Coming just a few months after the N8, The […]

Facebook Mobile event.

Hmm, So this Facebook mobile event tomorrow, Could it be the Facebook mobile that they swore they were not making!!! Or is it something to do with a Facebook on all mobiles,Who knows, But all the info will be posted here tomorrow, So lets hope its something cool!! […]

Xbox 360 250Gb Slim review

So just a few days ago, I got my new Xbox 360 slim, I know its a late review but a review none the less. Anyway, First thing you notice is the shiny gloss finish on the case(4gb version has matte finish), It does look really nice and goes well with the chrome top and […]