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The Fury X is AMD’s flagship and they went all out with the design. Much like the 295×2 that featured an AIO, the Fury X does the same. The included 120mm radiator and coolermaster pump aim to keep the Fury X running nice and cool even under load. The chart below details the temperature levels we experienced throughout our review.

AMD Fury X Temperature

The temperatures under idle and load are fantastic and the Fury X never even hit 60°C, whereas heatsink based graphics cards would be hitting near 85°C.


The AIO not only keeps the Fury X running nice and cold at under 60°c but will do so with a single 120mm low noise fan. Below is the level of noise we experienced from the Fury X on both idle and load.

AMD Fury X Noise Levels

The Fury X is pretty quiet during idle, but more impressively, the load noise levels aren’t that much higher and some of the lowest you will see from a graphics card. This is of course thanks to the included water cooling, but AMD’s choice for going for the AIO in the first place gives users great performance with low noise and low temperatures.

Pump Whine

Sadly the launch of the Fury X was met some some serious issues. The included pump that is manufactured by coolermaster emits a very loud and high pitched whine. It seems the first batch of Fury X graphics cards include this pump, which exhibit the issue. AMD have already stated they have fixed the issue, but they also said the same thing before the card was released, and that retail units were not affected, but that simply wasn’t the case.

Users have already been reporting getting Fury X cards with a newer pump that doesn’t appear to suffer the same flaw. However, consumers still have no way of knowing if the card they purchase will have the new pump or not, and will have to proceed with normal RMA procedures to get it replaced, and even then, the replacement may also suffer the same issue, which has been the case for many users.

We have gone through 2 units already and both suffered the same issue, with 2 weeks between their purchase. Sadly AMD haven’t taken a big enough stance against this issue, and no recall or support has been offered to those affected. Currently we suggest waiting until the issue is completely resolved before purchasing the card, at least so you wont have to face any potential RMA.

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