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It’s wrap up time folks. The Fury X has now been around for over a month, and we have been taking our time with the review to remove any possible hiccups that accompany the launch of new hardware, and we have gone through some issues with the Fury X to attest to that.

AMD’s first new flagship is not without issue, but overall we’re impressed with what it has to offer. The performance isn’t as high as we had hoped for, but we have zero doubts that the performance will get better in the near future and even more so beyond that. All you have to do is look back at when the 290x launched and now and see the performance gain it has experienced. AMD kept pushing its performance throughout the years. The Fury X tech is very new, so improvements in the future are natural.

The Fury X launch has been met with some serious issues, with supply shortages and more importantly the pump whine. Both of our units experienced the pump whine, which made using the Fury X almost intolerable.

AMD pushed the Fury X as their own ultimate graphics preventing their partners from being able to customize the card in anyway. This means that every unit comes with the included AIO water cooling solution. Ignoring the launch issues with the pump, this makes for excellent temperatures even under load with the fan speed still near silent. A great feature to come with a card as standard.

AMD have already stated they have fixed the issue, but the supply issues are preventing new units with the ‘fix’ from showing up with some users going through multiple RMA’s already and still getting units with the older affected pump.

Right now the Fury X may not be for everyone’s liking, due to the supply issues and pump fault, so it may be wise to wait until these issues are resolved. None the less the Fury X has a lot to offer and the performance is still mostly top of the line. AMD have also priced the Fury X very well with an MSRP of £509. Not bad for a card that comes with it’s own AIO water cooling solution, but because of the supply issues, the pricing is somewhat all over the place with most retailers adding a premium due to low stock.

The Fury X is still a beast of a graphics card that brings new technology to the game. The new HBM memory and architecture behind the Fury X will take sometime to mature, but performance is pretty decent out of the gate. Again, we thing the future of the Fury X is a bright one, and look forward to it and for that we gladly award the Fury X with Gold. Gold Award

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