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It’s time to conclude are 1700X review. It has been a long time coming, and finally getting to write these words and say that competition is back. AMD have done something we all wished for so long. Their back in the game. We really have to commend and offer Kudos to AMD for what they have pulled off in such a short time. Considering their R&D team and budget is a fraction of Intel’s, it’s something that must be noted.

Straight out of the gate on their massive return we’re seeing incredible performance that really puts pressure on Intel. The 1700x is one of AMD’s best offerings that brings a true 8-core 16-thread performer to the market for a price-point we have never seen before. It’s what we hoped, and it’s definitely what we got.

Overclocking and performance

It’s clear that AMD have made some incredible leaps in engineering that are showcased all over Ryzen 7. Pricing is one of the strong points that AMD have right now, although pricing within their products is a little odd. They are offering the best for an 8-core CPU by far, but not so much against themselves.

Thanks to their plethora of sensors that are also used for overclocking – regards to SenseMI, AMD are easily able to determine a CPU’s true worth and market it accordingly. This means while a 1700/1700X can get close to what a 1800X can offer, the latter will always be ahead, and mostly because AMD have squeezed everything they can out of the processors already.

That’s not to see overclocking isn’t worth it – far from it. We got some great performance gains with our small overclock. It just means AMD are charging a lot more for the top dog CPU because it can give you that little bit extra. For most, it’s not worth the extra cash, and that’s easily better suited towards a better board, cooler, or even GPU.

For those that don’t won’t to get involved with overclocking, then you can pay the extra cash for the better performer, but for anyone looking to save some money, the 1700/1700x are much better choices that will offer similar performance for much cheaper. Thankfully AMD have unlocked all of their CPU’s and overclocking is ridiculously easy.

AMD set out to reach a 40-percent increase in their IPC (Instructions per clock), but just before launch they announced they had beaten their goal and reached 52-percent. This is pretty clear throughout our tests. Ryzen is the real deal, and provides near identical IPC, if not better compared to Intel. Again, this is pretty much everything we hoped for considering the Zen architecture is brand spanking new.


The benchmarks clearly speak for themselves, and AMD have really provided the market with a true 8-core/16-thread CPU that rivals Intel’s hardware. If you want excellent multi-core performance than the Ryzen 7 should be at the top of your list. Previously an 8-core CPU with this level of performance would set you back close to €1,000, but the 1700X will set you back less than half of that. In fact, you could build a pretty decent rig for less than what an Intel CPU alone would cost. So we’re pretty excited for the future of desktop computing and competition like this hasn’t been around for a long time. Let’s hope AMD keep up with the market disrupting prices.

We’re very happy to see AMD return in such a big way and are very impressed with how good Zen has turned out and what they have accomplished in such short time and much smaller R&D. We of course award the Ryzen 7 1700X with Gold and tip our hats to AMD for launching an amazing product.



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