Nvidia have announce the GTX 1080Ti GPU

  Nvidia today have finally announced their next flagship GPU. The GTX 1080Ti, which is set to provide better performance than the Titan Pascal, and up 34-percent more performance than the standard GTX 1080. Below is a chart showing the new 1080Ti vs the rest of the Pascal family. The 1080 Ti will feature a […]

Review: AMD Fury X

It’s been over two years since AMD brought a new line up of graphics cards. We have heard whispers for the past few months that Fiji chip was set for AMD to offer their next level of cards along with the new and exciting HBM memory. The new line up is finally here and we have […]

Nvidia announce the GTX 780: promising 70-percent performance increase over the GTX 580

Nvidia have announce their latest graphics card which is the GTX 780. The latest card from Nvidia isn’t truly being aimed at current GTX 680 owners but rather those who purchased the previous generation series such as the GTX 580. They are obviously pushing this on AMD users as well,  promising a 30-percent increase in performance with 2,560 x […]

AMD Radeon HD 7990 finally materializes

AMD have finally uncovered their 7990, but that’s it! yeah, they announced it and included the nice picture but have yet to include any of the hard details. We do know that it’s made up of two 7970 Tahiti cores. Another interesting tidbit is that DICE have confirmed they used the same 7990 in their 17 minute demo […]