Irish Note 7 users still awaiting replacement devices after battery related recall

  Only days after the Galaxy Note 7 launched in Ireland were customers met with a global recall due to potential issues relating to the battery. Samsung have now reported nearly 100 devices have experienced this fatal fault where the battery has caught fired and caused the device to burst into flames. Samsung did act quickly […]

UPC Ireland increasing speeds, now offering 200Mbps package, current 150Mbps can upgrade free of charge

UPC Ireland have just announced they will be offering a 200Mbps broadband package. They are now just offering two main packages which are 120Mb and 200Mb. UPC’s previously had 3 different broadband packages offering 50/100/150Mb speeds, users on the 50/100Mb will be bumped to the 120Mb offering , with the previous 100mb users also getting […]