Review: Motorola G6

Motorola have been apart of the smartphone game for a long time, and even before there were apps, social media, and new messaging apps, Motorola were one of the biggest phone makers. Their V3 razr phone was one of the most popular flip phones ever released. Their Smartphone business has been hit and miss for […]

Motorola granted injunction against Microsoft by the German Courts

The lovely heated patent disputes, aren’t they always a joy. This time we have Motorola suing Microsoft and today Motorola have won an injunction against Microsoft with regards to a set of patents involved with the H.264 video codec.  The Mannheim regional court ruled on four lawsuits between the two companies. This ruling affects the distribution of windows 7, […]

Google get EU approval for Motorola purchase

The European commission has just given the go ahead for the acquisition of Motorola go Google. Google Announced back in August that it would be purchasing Motorola for it’s extensive 17,000 patents and its 7,500 pending patent applications at a price of $12.5 Billion. “We have approved the acquisition… because upon careful examination, this transaction does not itself raise competition issues,” […]