Review: Sony Xperia XZ

Sony’s last round of devices didn’t quite hit the nail directly and it showed Sony were still unsure on the direction for their Smartphones. Their 6 month release window saw their latest devices becoming more and more stale with each new smartphone only offering subtle changes, and last year we saw even less. The Xperia […]

Review: Vodafone Smart Platinum 7

Vodafone have been pushing out their own devices for awhile now, and by that, we’re talking mostly custom branded devices that are actually manufactured by a third party, who most likely release the same device under a different name. None the less, Vodafone are taking things pretty seriously with their own branded devices, and we […]

LG officially unveil V20 smartphone

Lg’s latest flagship smartphone and a good few leaks before its official announced, but likely always some details get a little murky with rumours. Thankfully the official announcement is here the LG V20 has been detailed. The new device takes what LG have learned with last years V10 and adds to it. First things first we […]