Twitch suffer security breach, all user accounts have been reset

Twitch have reported there has been a security breach on their servers, they also state that user information may have been accessed. The result is Twitch taking some serious steps by resetting everyone’s current password and revoking all account associations with Twitter and YouTube. Users will have to change their password and re-associate their accounts […]

HTC launching RE Camera: 16MP 1/3.3-inch CMOS Sensor with f/2.8 aperture and ultra-wide 146-degree lens

      HTC are getting into the handheld/action camera business. The RE camera from HTC features a 16MP 16MP 1/3.3-inch CMOS sensor with ultra-wide 146-degree lens and f/2.8 aperture. Video support includes 1080p@30fps and 720p videos @ 120fps. There is also time-lapse video recording available aswell. The design is of course aimed at being very easy […]

YouTube is getting some upgrades, including 60fps video playback and new annotation system with mobile support

YouTube is getting some upgrades with some already here and others arriving in the next coming months and beyond. The most notable feature added is the support for 60fps playback. No doubt in anticipation of more gameplay videos from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Support will include videos at 48fps as well, meaning users […]