Review: Logitech MX Master Mouse

The mouse has been the number one way we control our computers for the last few decades. While most users will get away with a basic optical mouse. A more professional/feature heavy mouse can truly offer a great experience and make a lot of tasks easier. Logitech’s Professional MX has been crowned as one of […]

Western Digital enter router business

Western Digital have decided to enter the router business. They are starting off big and releasing a series of devices. Some provided basic functions required. Let’s take a look at the different versions. My Net N900 Central The Wireless-N storage router features fast wireless performance with speeds up to 900 Mbps (450 + 450 Mbps on the […]

Review: Kingston Wi-Drive

It’s time for another review and this time it’s the Wi-Drive by Kingston. The Wi-Drive is simply a flash drive with a built-in battery and wireless connection. This allows you to connect to the device via wireless from any device. The main position for this product would be for iPhones and iPads, but also works […]

iPhone 4.3 update to give Personal Hotspot!!

As with Verizon’s announcement, There was a lot of questions asked about the personal hotspot feature spotted with firmware 4.2.5. Everyone wanted to know was that just for Verizon or will all GSM networks get the feature aswell, Now as it stands the feature can be had if you have a jailbroken iDevice but it would be […]