YouTube Music streaming service finally announced, beta arrives next week and it’s YouTube Music Key

Google have finally peeled back the pretty transparent covers and announced YouTube Music Key. The new music service will actually be apart of Google’s Play Music streaming service and will allow users to have access to artists songs and music videos. The purpose is to bring offline, background play, and adfree abilities to the already insanely […]

YouTube 60fps now ready for the public

  It was announced a good few months back, but finally the public can take advantage of YouTube moving forward. 1080p 60fps videos are now available in grand scale. YouTube had a sort of soft launch with a handful of 60fps videos available on YouTube to enjoy. These were mostly gaming videos and that’s probably […]

YouTube is getting some upgrades, including 60fps video playback and new annotation system with mobile support

YouTube is getting some upgrades with some already here and others arriving in the next coming months and beyond. The most notable feature added is the support for 60fps playback. No doubt in anticipation of more gameplay videos from the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Support will include videos at 48fps as well, meaning users […]