Review: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X


Sandra gets really dives deep into performance numbers and really shows us where AMD’s new Zen core can offer the best possible performance.

Straight up Arithmetic numbers we can see the 5960x with its higher clock frequency takes the edge, but its still so impressive to see a €440 euro CPU perform like this compared to Intel’s €1,000.

Cryptography is an area where Ryzen takes a pretty substantial lead against Intel 8-Core CPU and of course ahead of the 6700K even more so.

Intel’s hardware scores better a two tests here, but the AMD clearly takes a huge lead, with even the stock results showing some great performance over an Overclocked 5960x. The higher clock speed on the overclocked 6700k helps it edge out a stock 5960x, but doesn’t match 5960X OC or AMD’s Ryzen hardware.

Here we can see that straight out of the box the 5960X is more efficient when it comes to multi-threaded applications, and the architecture is just more well rounded in terms of multi-core transfer speed. That’s not to say that general performance is better, but inter-core bandwidth is faster and more efficient on the 5960X.

The clear sign of memory being an issue for the Ryzen is evident out another memory benchmark. Clearly the quad channel support on Intel’s Extreme platform allows for much greater bandwidth that AMD’s X370 simply can’t reach.

At first we can see the Ryzen 1700x at the bottom of the chart, whereas sorting is done by the largest number. The important L3 cache has the 1700X well in the lead with near 400 points, and over 100 more points over the 5960x.


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