Review: MSI Z170A Gaming M5 Motherboard


Sandra is a very deep and detailed benchmark. It contains a massive list of available benchmarks, measurements and analytics.

MSI Z170 Gaming M5 Sandra Processor Arithmetic Final

First up we have the raw arithmetic performance tests. These test ignore the configuration, and pretty much utilize the full depth of the processor. The 8-core 5960X is on top, and rightly so. The 3960x also manages to hold strong, but the new 6700k overclocked does step on it’s toes at stock levels. Not bad for a quad-core vs an octa-core.

Sandra Processor MSI Z170 Gaming M5 Multimedia

The Multimedia test here clearly favors the newer architecture and that shows the Gaming M5 overclocked matching the performance of the RVE with the 5960X. Very nice indeed!

MSI Z170 Gaming M5 Sandra Memory Bandwidth

Sandra Processor Multi-Core MSI Z170 Gaming M5 Efficiency

MSI Z170 Gaming M5 Sandra Cryptography

The board takes another shocking jump from the middle to near top. Again, the new architecture does a great job providing better performance over the previous generation and also isn’t far of the 8-core 5960X giant.

MSI Z170 Gaming M5 Sandra Cahce Bandwitdh

7. Sandra

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